Gather my children, and I’ll tell you the story of how our Mini Infini came to be.

Long ago in our spa right upstairs we were able to help our patients improve their complexion with a magic wand-like device called a microneedling pen. We had several of them, and they were very busy, buzzing away fine lines and acne scars, stimulating little fibroblasts to make fresh new collagen, toning and brightening unhappy faces, and perking up our city beautiful.

But one day we learned that the grand wizard (the FDA) was no longer happy with magic wands. It seems that the wand peddlers, to get his permission to sell their wares, had told the wizard these new devices were the same as the magic grinding stones (microdermabrasion machines) they had been selling for years. The wizard believed those peddlers and allowed us to use those microneedling pens to achieve great results for our patients. And all were happy in the land.

Until one dark day, the wizard awoke from a long slumber, looked more closely at these two magical devices, and realized they are very different. Grinding stones don’t have needles! Oh, my!

Well, when the wizard realized he had been misled, he was very displeased with the peddlers. He sent proclamations throughout the kingdom forbidding them from marketing their wands and everything wand-related (like the disposable treatment tips) until the tricky peddlers appeared before him, convinced him of the safety of their wands, and obtained his blessing to continue peddling.
Yikes! That could take years. The wizard moves VERY slowly. (To be fair he has a lot of other issues to deal with that might be slightly more important than our microneedling needs, just slightly)

So where does that leave us now?

First, with a couple of perfectly good magic wands that we can’t use, because we can’t get treatment tips. And because we really must respect the wizard. He’s an old guy and can get very grumpy. And, also, because I’m a rule follower. I can’t help it. I need to use an FDA approved device.

Second, with a lot of unhappy patients whose microneedling treatments have helped improve their skin. They’re hooked because it works, and they want more.

And third, with us in misery, because we want to help patients with an experience-proven safe and effective procedure that we can no longer offer. ARGH!

So, what do we do? We don’t give up. We look around our office at all the wonderful devices we have to work with and come up with a fabulous solution.

TaDa! Our knight in shining armor – our FDA approved Infini device.

Our traditional Infini treatment uses 49 insulated needles combined with radiofrequency, to improve skin texture, tighten and tone. It’s a very powerful, effective treatment, but it comes with about a week of downtime afterward.

But guess what? The Infini settings are adjustable. We can turn them down to make downtime minimal and use those 49 magical microneedles to gently and gradually achieve the results we were getting with our microneedling pens. Thus, our Mini Infini microneedling treatment was born, offering all the benefits of our old microneedling pens and then some. Because instead of the 12 or 36 needles that most microneedling pens use, we’re now using the 49 adjustable depth needles of the Mini Infini, with just a smidge of radiofrequency heat. More needles plus a little heat equals more collagen stimulation.

As the Cajuns say, “That’s more better!”

We proudly introduce our gallant knight – The Mini Infini – our supercharged microneedling treatment for collagen stimulation, skin tone and texture enhancement, and acne scar improvement.

And we all shall live happily ever after.