Some Background

My patients always tell me that it’s obvious that I love what I do. It’s true. I can’t imagine ever doing anything else. (Although I do love fishing…and cooking. It’s the Cajun in me.) I enjoy explaining to my patient’s what is going on with their skin, and why, and how we can work together to fix it. I like dispelling myths, urban legends, and internet ridiculousness. I believe the world needs more science and common sense. I’m here to help.

My name is Kathleen W. Judge, MD, and I’m a Board-Certified Dermatologist practicing in Orlando, Florida since 1997. I’ve worked very hard from the very beginning of my career to establish a trusting relationship with my patients. I believe in treating my patient’s as if they were my family, caringly and truthfully explaining their options, and making recommendations based on science and my many years of experience. My patients trust me to make skin care recommendations and I take this trust very seriously. Over the years, my patient base has grown to over 90,000 people. That’s a lot of recommendations. And that’s very serious.

Have Questions?

So how can I help you? First, you can let me explain. I’m good at that. Have you been told you have a Benign Lichenoid Keratosis? What the heck is that? I can explain. Why do you keep getting pimples on your thighs? That’s weird right? No, you’re not weird. I can explain. Do you think you’re too old to be getting acne? Maybe not. Or maybe it’s not acne. I can explain. I know science and a lot of big words that I can translate, and I have a little bit of common sense. I love to explain.

What else can I do? I can give advice. Is it safe to use a sunless tanner? I’ll tell you what I think. What kind of products should you use to improve your acne? Products are kind of my thing. I’ve developed my own line. I’ll tell you what I think. What is the best treatment for your psoriasis? I’ll tell you what I think. You love your mother, but you don’t want to age like her? I’ll tell you what I think.

A Little Extra

Finally, good skin care requires a plan. Whether it’s for rosacea, eczema, skin cancer prevention, or fighting the aging process, a good treatment plan leads to success. But there are so many treatments out there, how do you know which one might work for you? I can help you know your options, so you can make informed decisions and develop your plan.
But wait, don’t forget the Lagniappe. In New Orleans, that’s the little something extra you get from a kind and generous purveyor, like the 13th donut you get for free when you buy a dozen. The lagniappe I offer is random and varies from amusing or inspiring stories graciously provided by my amazing patients, to recipes (I have the best one for Jambalaya), to photos of my fishing trips, travels, and beautiful, beautiful Florida.