Christy Giovannini, Licensed Esthetician (2004)

Even if you don’t plan on being outside for long periods of time, you should always wear sunscreen. The amount of sun exposure you are actually receiving may surprise you.

… Places you may not know you’re exposed:

  • Walking to your car from indoors to your next indoor destination
    • How many times are you in and out of your car?
  • Time in your car (to and from work or errands)
    • While you may have tinted windows, your face and hands are still exposed to harmful UV light.
  • Does your office have a view?
    • It’s probably not SPF protected.
  • Do you work outside or enjoy outdoor activities?

While sunlight can help your body make Vitamin D and fight the blues, make sure you protect yourself from the harmful rays to prevent prematurely aging your skin and lower your risk for skin cancer.

(see more at The American Cancer Society