Christy Giovannini, Licensed Esthetician (2004)

It can be a nervous habit or even the desire to be rid of blemishes that make some people pick and scratch. Whatever the reason… cease and desist!

Instead, twirl your hair to give your hands something to do or apply a Camphor Treatment or mask to help alleviate the symptoms of your blemish.

By picking, you are:

  • depositing oils from your hands and fingers on your face
  • exposing the rest of your un-blemished skin to the bacteria contained in the blemish, an open invitation to more breakouts
  • making the area (even more) red and inflamed, drawing MORE attention to your otherwise minor imperfection
  • at risk for infection
  • potentially causing permanent damage, such as skin discoloration, scarring, pitting or all of the above

Another option: schedule an appointment with your esthetician for Steam and Extractions to remove the blemishes and keep your skin looking at its best. Maintain with facials and/or Steam and Extractions. You may find it will be a wonderful and stress relieving way of improving your skin’s appearance.