Christy’s Beauty Tips: Avoid Rosacea Triggers


Christy Giovannini, Licensed Esthetician (2004) Flushing or redness is a common symptom of Rosacea and there are certain triggers that can cause flaring. When you increase the blood flow to the capillaries (flushing and redness) on a regular basis, it causes them to dilate/expand. After prolonged or repeated abuse, the capillaries tend to remain in [...]

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Christy’s Beauty Tip: Don’t Pick!


Christy Giovannini, Licensed Esthetician (2004) It can be a nervous habit or even the desire to be rid of blemishes that make some people pick and scratch. Whatever the reason… cease and desist! Instead, twirl your hair to give your hands something to do or apply a Camphor Treatment or mask to help alleviate [...]

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