We are now offering a telehealth solution.

Not all dermatological concerns can be addressed by telehealth. Biopsies remain the only proven test available to diagnose a lot of common skin concerns. Having said that, new social distancing standards warrant a new solution for treating concerns where in-office tests and procedures may not be necessary.

Our telehealth process:

  1. If you have a concern that you feel can be treated via telehealth (list below), call our office to schedule a telehealth appointment.
  2. A link to the telehealth consent will be texted to you, so we’ll need your cell phone number.
  3. 5-10 minutes before your appointment we will text you a link to the appointment.
  4. Please ensure you have good service and your microphone and camera are working. If a prescription refill for medication requiring bloodwork monitoring is the purpose of the visit please have that bloodwork completed beforehand.
  5. After you click the link to your appointment, you will get a pop-up to enter your credit card information.
  6. We are charging a flat fee of $50. We will submit a claim to cover the cost but this is not a guarantee of payment since there is a lot of uncertainty with telehealth reimbursements. There is no way for us to know if your insurance plan will cover telehealth visits.
  7. Your provider will then initiate the visit and ask if you have read the consent. They have access to your medical record, can send prescriptions, and recommend procedures.
  8. It is important to understand that the provider may tell you that you still need an in-office visit to perform a procedure and additional charges will apply.

List of concerns that work well with telehealth:

  1. Acne
  2. Rosacea
  3. Some prescription refills
  4. Eczema
  5. Psoriasis
  6. Accutane (some of the protocols for Accutane have been relaxed due to the Covid-19 pandemic)
  7. Rashes (some rashes require a biopsy or scrape to diagnose)
  8. Melasma
  9. Seborrheic Dermatitis (dandruff/facial rashes)





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